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Hanukkah Tree Topper




  • New and Improved Patented One of a Kind Design
  • 6 in. in Diameter, Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • As Featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic PitchTV
  • A Perfect Gift for an Interfaith Family
  • Shiny Sparkling Silver Painted Textured Star Adhered to Metal Coil

Every holiday season millions wrestle with a familiar dilemma....what's it going to be? Candy Canes or chocolate gelt? Spin the dreidel or kiss under the mistletoe? Now interfaith families and mixed marriages can celebrate the warmth and wonder of both Hanukkah and Christmas with this lovely tree topper. The Hanukkah Tree Topper is the first six pointed star tree topper on the market and makes a great Hanukkah or Christmas gift. 50% of Jewish people in the last 16 years were married to someone not Jewish according to census reports...why not celebrate the holidays together? The 6" diameter star features a high-quality silver finish and 3" steel coil for easy mounting atop any size tree. It's the perfect meeting place between 2 beautiful holiday traditions! Happy Holidays!